In considering a new relationship with a prospective client, our principal concerns may be broadly summarized by three key questions:

1) How collectable are your invoices?

2) Are there any outside parties who could interfere with collection of proceeds arising from your invoices?

3) Is your company operationally compatible with our invoice processing, tracking, collection and accounting capabilities?


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Value-Added Services
Continuous Cash Flow's value to its clients frequently goes beyond advancing funds. We typically provide such critical A/R support services as customer credit analysis and approval, invoice handling, collection, posting, accounting and reporting. For many businesses, even those with access to long-term commercial credit, the desire to obtain these services actually drives the decision to factor.

Factoring is best seen as a dynamic financial tool that enables growing companies to accelerate and stabilize cash flow. As an alternative to bank financing or venture capital, factoring can address a wide range of business situations.

When making a factoring decision, we focus on the creditworthiness of account debtors/our clients customers. This analysis is shared with our clients so they may be able to make better decisions if they decide to extend credit to their customers.

  • Factoring
  • Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Cashflow Financing
  • Working Capital Financing
  • Customer Credit Analysis And Approval
  • Invoice Handling
  • Collection
  • Posting
  • Accounting And Reporting
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